Company Culture

Cherish life,

Adhere to the "safety assurance, prevention first, comprehensive management" production safety principle, so that all employees pay attention to safety;

Create high speed and safe production environment to ensure the health and safety of employees.

Protect environment

Enhance employees' awareness of environmental protection, make use of science and technology, save energy and reduce emissions, and establish the company image of "green environmental protection".

Assume social responsibility

Be honest and law-abiding, create a good production and living environment for employees and surrounding residents, make contribution for "two-oriented society".

Unity and forge ahead

All departments work closely together to strictly control safety, environmental protection and quality, keep pace with the times, and improve management.

Development innovation

Develop and apply new technologies, new materials, new equipment, innovative processes, and continuously improve safety, environmental protection, and product quality standards. 

Build scandium brand

Strengthen quality management, improve product quality, and ensure the company's position in scandium industry.

Hunan Oriental Scandium Co.,Ltd.

No. 28, Dongqixian Street,Changsha National Economic and Technical Development Zone,Changsha,Hunan, China

Hunan Oriental Scandium Co.,Ltd. Xiang ICP No. 17000457-1

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